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Fishing Gear: Best Fishing Boots & Waders

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Fishing Boots & Waders : What Do You Wear?

I was recently asked what the best type of fishing boots were and honestly had to stop and think as I have had my pair of Hodgman Mackenzie gear for so long I haven’t thought about wear or even trying anything else. So, after being asked I figured it’s as good a time as any to try a few other out to see if ( I have been missing something.

I looked asked around and was told by quit a few friends that many used Toggs, Hodgman, or Caddis. So now is the fun part of trying to convince a vendor to let us ‘test’ their products as a fairly small website just getting started. I jumped online and actually had some initial success, as a friend of a friend knew a guy who… get the idea.

First Up : Toggs Amphib Neoprene Boot Foot Wader with Thinsulate Insulation

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These I Liked, not everything but overall they are nice. I am not used being in a “snug” fit around the chest, but I quickly got used to it and after a while I actually felt good. I don’t have much of a belly, so I am not able to tell you if that would or would not be a restriction. It is a little lose around that area, so I am assuming they built that in for a heftier person than myself.

the boots fit really good. Nice and snug, but not restrictive. My feet did not sweat much and were kept warm as the day I used them we had high winds and the water temp was in the low 40s.. I will also add that I have a wide foot. Not so wide that I order special, but there have been many times I could not use a brand or type of shoe/boot because of this. These were good to go and accommodated my foot perfectly.

The legs were a tad long on me. No real problem but I could see someone with a more stout frame possibly having some issues. The shoulders use a Velcro attachment, and honestly, I really don’t like Velcro. However, after getting them on and using for a while I unstrapped the Velcro and they really were not needed. Maybe if your moving around more or in unnatural positions, but for the sport fishing I was doing, it was just fine keeping them unstrapped.

Overall I really liked the Frogg Togg Amphip. The quality is very good. the fit was very good with the exception of the slight concern with the leggings. The boots, great!